My Libertarian predilections make it hard to find sympathy for conservative media companies that get blindsided by Big Tech. Facebook, Twitter, regardless of anyone’s sentiment or attachment to them for their day-to-day communication needs, are not like regulated telecommunications companies. They are very much private platforms. It doesn’t surprise me that Parler’s lawyers ditched them. Using AWS is a business decision that comes with contractual obligations. An antitrust argument is flimsy at best when you have a clear violation of a service agreement. Sadly, Parler made a bad business decision and paid for it dearly. But many businesses do, and…

As a gamer dad and product design professional, every Christmas has a great product lesson for me on the subject of supply and demand. This Christmas the two hottest toys make their mark on my consciousness, as it has many a parent with an eager mini geek that takes after them. The PS5/XSX rush and global sellout is yet another a example of how people deal with scarcity.

Within the context of the “game”, then: Some will win; they will decide whether possession/consumption of the good or reselling it at demand pricing is of greater value to them, personally.


As behavioral models that we as UXers put together become the most sought after commodities of the Information Age, surveillance capitalism is having its proscriptive impact on our lifestyles.

Narcissus by Caravaggio depicts Narcissus gazing at his own reflection.

Generations ago, before the music industry was digital, artists were left to less proscriptive creative methods that didn’t involve pressing a button to release a sampled sound long departed from its organic source. Indeed, the severe limitations of such a model have reduced modern music at its worst to a looped digital track with a person childishly rhyming on top of it the way we were all taught how to do…

#wokesploitation. It’s a thing.

If enough articles haven’t been written about this, here’s another one. The rabbit hole actually goes much deeper. Gillette was dying on the vine ever since the advent of Dollar Shave Club and several of these other competitors who were going for a more simple subscription approach. They didn’t just out of the blue decide to “get woke” out of moral conviction. They were disrupted, and as is typical of the incumbent in disrupted industries, they doubled down on existing precepts thinking they’d brute force their way out of a David and Goliath battle.

We’ve changed. No really, we have. (Photo credit: Shad Olson Show)

Gillette’s predatory…

Originally published October 4th, 2018. Updated July 21st, 2019.

This is as much a PSA as it is an open letter to a particular person. We have a false accusation epidemic in our current national culture and its impacting men on several levels. Being technically adept and realizing the burden of proof unofficially lay on the accused rather than the accuser, I was lucky enough to have audiovisual surveillance material at hand to defend myself, so here I am living to tell the tale; fighting for other non-custodial parents in Texas and nationally through AFESP. Most are not so lucky.

“We appreciate your patience. A customer service representative will be with you momentarily.”

The above statement has been, in some way, shape or form, ingrained into the memory of consumers over the last several decades. It’s the language of automated telephone and text bot support systems the world over. It’s certainly better than nothing, but after hearing it repeatedly, with no further utility such as a countdown in minutes of reduced wait time, our senses register something similar to banner blindness on an empathetic level: We lose faith in its sincerity.

In the advertising world, Pepsi, Gillette, and Nike are…

Chris Lahiri

I’m a dad and fathers’ rights activist. I’m also a Nielsen Norman Group certified UX designer, and a six-time Addy award winning interactive media designer.

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